Staff of Pure American Naturals

The farmers that make our mohair and merino wool products happen …

Glen Cauffman

Glen works with our farmers, assuring ethical animal and land stewardship. He develops cooperative farmer relationships, and provides oversight for quality control of both the animal fiber and conservation practices.

A lifelong farmer with broad livestock experience, Glen, with his son Mark, own and operate the  190 acre corn, soybean, alfalfa hay and 100 head Angora goat farm in Perry County, Pennsylvania that produces much of our mohair.  Recently, the farm was recognized for its high standard of conservation by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service by acceptance into the National Conservation Stewardship Program.

For the past 24 years, Glen Cauffman has been the director of farm operations at Penn State University at State College, PA. His areas of responsibility have included land stewardship and planning, and providing a diverse array of services to the Agricultural College and the University. The farm operations unit has the responsibility of producing feed for livestock research, growing crops for food and biofuels, and utilizing the nutrients of animal waste with innovative processing, in addition to conducting supporting research and environmental integrity throughout the University system.

Judith M. Shoemaker

Dr. Shoemaker helps compile  our educational material and create animal management and husbandry protocols for producers as well as consulting on veterinary topics.

Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM, is an internationally known practitioner and educator in integrative veterinary medicine and therapy. Dr. Shoemaker is a 1980 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She is licensed in eleven East Coast states. Dr. Shoemaker’s unique equine, production, exotic, and companion animal integrative practice utilizes chiropractic, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homotoxicology, homeopathy, nutrition, physical therapy, and other alternative modalities. She provides comprehensive maintenance, therapy, and consultation to equine competitors in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Shoemaker’s smaller patients include top competitors, service and search and rescue dogs, small production animals including sheep, goats, and camellids, as well as many wonderful companions. The integration of conventional and complementary modalities provides significant improvement in the well-being and performance of all types of animals in her practice. Her practice. Always Helpful Veterinary Services,  is celebrating the recognition of Dr. Shoemaker as the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association’s Practitioner of the Year!

In honoring the significance of the human-animal bond, Dr. Shoemaker provides information for all involved to benefit from holistic care. Dr. Shoemaker‘s mission is to generate and support balance and consciousness that allow optimal health.


Mark Cauffman

Mark contributes to invaluable labor and important management over the farm.  He helps to ensure quality feed production and storage for market crops. He is instrumental in all construction projects and helps provide animal security and care.

Mark has been an integral part of the family farm operation throughout his life.  He has been an award-winning participant in 4-H and FFA programs and has always supported and promoted agriculture and animal care.  Today, he is an employee of a milk producers’ association.  Mark serves as a liaison and educator for dairy farmers, helping to ensure their compliance with regulations and maintaining milk quality for consumers.