Sumptuous White Angora Goat Pelt #14




This luxurious Angora goat pelt is very soft and supple. The hide was garment tanned rather than taxidermy tanned. The mohair staple is 5-6 inches long (various areas of pelt), fine, soft, lustrous, fluffy, and silky with natural curvy locks style. It is bright white with a pleasant clean smell. Great to throw on a chair to sit and feel in the lap of well being or pull over your body to take a nap. It is approximately 32 inches long and 31 inches wide (see pictures.) This pelt has thicker, stiffer leather.

This Angora goat was not raised and slaughtered for its hide. She lived a long happy life roaming freely on succulent pastures producing mohair and Angora kids. She lived naturally on an animal welfare approved farm with 300 Angora herdmates. Her fleece was shorn twice each year to make high end mohair yarn for the fashion industry. With her age, her feet were weak and sore, she lost her teeth and couldn’t graze and eat adequately to sustain life, so rather than let her expire, her meat was harvested for human consumption and her spirit continues with her lustrous coat being appreciated by you and yours.
This pelt was sustainably produced and processed in rural Pennsylvania, USA.

1.13lb wt

*Skull and Yarn are not included in the sale of the Yarn.


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